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Posted by Blair on March 14, 1996 at 00:53:49:

I think (since we all write java) we could use a java IDE
that would suit our needs if the entire Members of TeamJava
could pull the resources together we could probably come up
with our own IDE written in complete java made from the TeamJava
Members, I know there are some IDE's out there that are pretty
nice but do they all suit oru own needs (yes and No), what I'm
saying is maybe one does part of the job and another does some thing
else and so on...Get the point. Any ways we (the java writers) know best
what is good and what isn't needed (Diva is nice but missing a few features)
and OEW is also nice but very confusing!
James (since he is the founder) can probably over see the project
(if time permittes) and we could come up with (the Best IDE
every to hit the WORLD) we could start a sugestion for the name!
How's bout **Café Mocha** I like that name
any other suggestions?

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