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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

Send email to: eJobShop, Inc.

Rates: $20/hour to $200/hour

Services provided as a Company with >100 java people

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Anytime, on short notice.
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Based in Silicon Valley, but resource pool is global.

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All areas of Java / Client-side / Server-side
Embedded / Specification / Implementation
Specification reviews
Low-cost offshore projects
Specialized areas of java expertise/experience
Quick turnaround jobs
Small jobs
Porting & Platform testing
NOT Mission-critical complex application development (call IBM Global Services instead)
Preferred projects
Jobs that can be done remotely, but many of our developers are available for onsite work as well.
Platform of focus
Any: PC, Unix, Mac, Embedded
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Past projects
We have developers with all types of backgrounds and specialties.
Please see or contact us with a specific request and we will FIND the person with the appropriate work background, be it experience with Java in Wind River's Tornado environment or experience with WebLogic & EJBs.
Programming background
From junior developers to some of the best java developers in the world.

Languages background
Wide variety of backgrounds.

Software-environment background
Many of our developers use IDEs, many use none.
Hardware background
All: PCs, Macs, Workstations, Mainframes, Embedded devices...

OS background
Any: Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS, BeOS, VRTX, etc.

Miscellaneous technology background
Please ask if you're looking for a certain area of expertise.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free Spec Review

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Predictions for Java (16 - September - 99)
Java will revolutionize the embedded market within 2-4 years, creating a huge demand for small custom applications.

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