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3/217, 27th Road, Bandra
Bombay 400050India 

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Intranet solutions / E-commerce solutions / Java
Perl / CGI / RMI / Networking
- Object-oriented design methodologies.
- Java applications and applets including  networking applications, database applications,
  and RMI based applications.
- E-commerce applications including online 
  shopping applications using CGI and databases.
- Data driven dynamic websites
Preferred projects
Design and development for small projects
(3-6 months lifecycle) based on Web technology and allowing for remote development.

Intranet applications, E-commerce applications,
Java applets and applications, Perl /CGI scripts.
Platform of focus
Windows 95/NT
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Past projects
- Executed projects for several domestic and 
overseas clients. 
Average project size: 12 person months

- Architect and technical consultant for India's
most popular online news and information services

Programming background
6 years in software design and development

Languages background
4 years in C++
2.5 years in Java, Perl / CGI
2 years in SQL server
2 years in Oracle

Software-environment background
Visual C++
Visual Basic
Symantec Visual Cafe
Rational Rose
Hardware background
IBM PC compatibles
SUN UltraSparc 5

OS background
Windows 95/NT
Solaris 2.4

Miscellaneous technology background
Microsoft IIS and ASP
Oracle Application Server
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Visual C++
Visual Basic
Symantec Visual Cafe
Rational Rose 

Tools available - HARDWARE
IBM PC compatibles

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Predictions for Java (6 - August - 98)
Java will pave the way for developing applications
with small footprints. Java will be the primary
development environment for all future personal
communication devices. Java along with the Java
chip will be the controlling centers of most
intelligent electronic products in the future.

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