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Saama, Inc.
151 Bernal Road , Suite # 3A,
San Jose, CA 95119. 

Phone: (408) 363 1500  Fax: (408) 363 1504 


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Intranet, Internet solutions / Client - Server technologies / Object oriented technologies
Our Web development team is proficient in
integrating the client's business strategy with 
web technology to create an effective Intranet 
that encourages employee empowerment and 
collaboration. Web technology integrated with 
the functionality of an Intranet affords 
companies with a powerful system of simple 
information distribution and effective 

We specialize in open-systems client/server 
architectures, Saama consultants bring a wealth 
of experience in logical and physical database 
design and implementation in a high-performance
computing environment.
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Past projects
Expertise in developing Intranet/ Internet solutions
RDBMS expertise in Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2 and MS SQL Server 
Experience with large suite of front end tools 
Data warehousing assessment, design, and implementation 
Migration of disparate legacy data to open systems 
Creation of smaller and manageable Data Marts 
Experience with variety of ROLAP and MDBMS systems 
Data mining and visualization tools 
Languages background
C++/ Visual C++/ C
Visual Basic, Smalltalk

Software-environment background
Business Object
ClearCase, Quantify, XRunner 
Hardware background
Sun Sparc
Pentium/K6 based workstations

OS background
Windows NT/ 95

Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Predictions for Java (5 - March - 98)
Java developers have done a remarkable job of putting several paradigms like object oriented abstraction, multiple threading, excellent memory management, exception handling, late binding, strong type checking and applet/browser download model into a single envelope.  This has made Java capable of addressing the much talked component model, where a set of business components interact each other to provide secure and effective communication. The next generation of Java development will concentrate on reusable Java beans and other such Java components.

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