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Freelance , make my own hours, would like deadline work , telecommuting basis
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Blizzard Communications is located in Woodmont 
Connecticut , on the shore of Long Island

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java / web sites / debugging
JAVA programming and website design.
Preferred projects
entry level to intermediate projects in
JAVA programming, also will do webpages.
Platform of focus
Windows 95
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Past projects
12 Years Metro North Railroad,
10 of those years in Communications Department,
maintaining Computer based Radio Network.
Programming background
I have been writing APplets for use in my website  ,
I've written programs in C and Pascal for
some college courses that I took at the University 
of New Haven.
Plain and simple I'm a rookie looking for some
entry level to intermediate work.

Languages background
Certified in JAVA 1.1
Studying to be certified in PERL 5.0
Some familiarity with C, UNIX,
Pascal, Basic,Assembly,DOS...

Software-environment background
Adobe Photoshop 4.0,Adobe Pagemill,Liquid Motion Pro
,Java Workshop,Paint Shop Pro, Dabbler, Ws_FTP,
WarFTP, Dbase IV,ProComm, WinZip,WordPerfect,
Hardware background
15 years as an Electronic Technician, with an 
ASEE degree and an FCC GeneralRadioTelephone 

OS background
Windows 3.11, Win95, Windows NT 4.0, UNIX,dos

Miscellaneous technology background
Configure and upgrade software and hardware on computers,
program and trouble shoot to component level VHF
Highband radios.
Create databases for maintaining repair records and equipment
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Photoshop, photoshop plugins,Dabbler,Ezphoto,
Pagemill,Notepad,Word,JDK1.1, Wacom Graphics Tablet,
Liquid fx html editor,Liquid motion Pro...

Tools available - HARDWARE
Wacom Graphics Tablet,Epson Digital Camera,
100mhz pentium based computer with 52 megs of RAM,
28.8 modem, cd-rom drive,tape backup, 

Tools available - NET
Search Engines 
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Predictions for Java (4 - November - 97)
JAVA is going to the top baby, and I'm going to be there with it.
Did you know JAVA was on MARS already?

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