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S. Viswanathan

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44 Hill St, 5-A
Morristown, NJ-07960

Best way to contact
(973) 538-8755
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Java / JavaScript / HTML
JDBC / C++ / Sybase
Design of an Internet/Financial System.
Implemention of Internet/Financial systems.
Creating Ad-hoc Applets.
Preferred projects
Internet Development in Java.
Ad-hoc Applet Development.
Platform of focus
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Past projects
Senior Internet Consultant  for  J.P. Morgan Investment Management (1997)
Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University (1997)
Senior Analyst  at  Salomon Brothers (1996-97)
Research Scientist at Bell Communications Research (1994-96)
Programming background
Java - 2 Years (since mid-95)
JavaScript - 1 Year (since late 96)
HTML - 2 Years (since mid-95)
C++  - 3 Years 

Hardware background
Unix Sparc Stations

OS background
Windows 95/NT
Unix - Solaris

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Visual Cafe
Visual Age (IBM)
Command Line

Tools available - HARDWARE
Windows 95

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Predictions for Java (14 - October - 97)
If Bill does not show Java the Gate,
Java will come to dominate the software market
and level the software ground for a fair fight.

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