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Late summer of 1997
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7670 143rd St
Surrey, BC
V3W 9Y4

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OO Design / Client Server / Stock Market
3D Graphics / User Interface / Sockets
Specializing in 2 and 3D graphics.

OO software design.

Client Server database access.

User Interface design and usability.
Preferred projects
Design and implementation of new software.
Client server database access, working with a
small project team or involved client.  
Telecommuting is preferred.
Platform of focus
Platform independent Java.  Development
and testing done on Windows using IE and Netscape 
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Past projects
Currently working for Canada Stockwatch developing historical
and real time Stock Charts.  I am writing the Java client applications
that query their database to display information about specific 

Consulting to Electronic Arts Canada developing graphics tools
in C++.
Consulting to MPR Teletech writing client software in C++ for
accessing Real Estate database.

Design and programming of Photomodeler application with Eos Systems.
Using C++ and OO Design.
Programming background
Twelve years of experience developing packaged software for
PC platforms.  Two years as independent consultant.  One year 
working in Java.

I have programmed in assembler, C, C++ and Java.  Working with
Windows, DOS, VMS and other OSes.

Strong background in OO Design and 3D graphics.  Client/Server
database access is another specialty.

Languages background
Java - 2 years.

C++ - 5 years.

C and assembler before that.

Software-environment background
Currently using MS J++ for coding, compiling and debugging.

Writing code using 100% pure Java.

Using Windows NT/95 as development platform.
Hardware background
PC and MAC.

OS background
Windows NT/95.

Have used MAC, VMS, MSDos and firmware operating
systems in the past.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
MS J++
Java SDKs
MS C++
MSDN Subscription
MS SourceSafe
MS and Netscape Browsers
Internet acess with 500 kbps cable modem.
MS Office 95.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium 120
CD writer
cable modem

Tools available - NET
Team Java
Java World
Experts Exchange newsgroups
Javaworld, Microsoft and Netscape web sites
Digital Expresso
Object Currents
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Predictions for Java (20 - June - 97)
Java will continue to thrive on the Internet and Intranets providing
an easy solution to software maintance and delivery.

Java removes several programming problems, but adds some more of its own.

As it matures it will co-exist with C++, winning where maintainablity 
is required and losing out in speed.

Digitial signing and customizing the security sandbox are the key 
to further Internet growth.

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