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Services provided as a Company with 3 java people

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5276 W. 74th St.
Edina, MN 55439

Best way to contact
Phone: 612.653.4717
Fax: 612.835.2528
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Servlets / Intranet Applications / RDBMS & OODBMS
Multi-User Interactive Systems / JavaBeans / RMI & CORBA
Interactive server-based distributed object
applications using relational and object
databases.  These systems can be integrated
into an existing framework of legacy systems.
Preferred projects
Software projects on a fixed-bid basis.
Platform of focus
Java (client & server)
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Past projects
Centralogic Corporation has been in business
for 4 years as a software company.  We have
experience working on Java, Smalltalk,
NeXTSTEP, RDBMS, and Windows projects.
Contact us for more information.
Programming background
Extensive programming background.  Contact
us for more information.

Languages background
C/C++, Java, Smalltalk, NeXTSTEP, others

Hardware background

OS background
Windows, Unix, NeXTSTEP, Java

Miscellaneous technology background
Machine vision systems, industrial control 
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To be announced
To be announced

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Predictions for Java (16 - June - 97)
Java is becoming the standard platform for new 
devevelopment, just as C++ was several years
ago.  Network-enabled applications will
dominate the market, and Java is the easiest
and most productive platform for these

Additionally, Java will be increasingly used
in embedded applications.  This, and the advent
of wireless network technologies and speech
recognition, will lead to near-ubiquitous
network-accessable control of common devices
from anywhere on the Internet.  

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