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Rates: $20/hr to $50/hr

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Tele-commuting only!

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HTML / Java / Perl/CGI
Lisp/Scheme / Networking / Writing
Programming languages:
Java, HTML, Perl, C, Scheme(LISP), Assembly,
AthenaMuse, Basic.
Networking experience: general network setup/
layout/mainenance - ethernet, fiber, FDDI, ATM.

Electronics: digital electronics, biomedical 

Writing: technical writing, marketing, etc. 
Preferred projects
Platform of focus
Windows, Unix
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Past projects
MIT Media Lab: all aspects of networking. C, 
Perl, HTML programming. 

Go-Digital Internet Design Group: HTML, web-
content compilation & presentation (writing)

MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives:
HTML, database programming, network maintenance.

All other specialties covered by coursework as
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science major at
Programming background
I have been programming for over 10 years.
I currently have experience with 8 languages, 
and pick new ones up easily.  As a computer
science/electrical engineering major at MIT, I
have an excellent grasp of program structure and
technique, artificial intelligence, multimedia,
network programming, and OS design.  I have
done occasional free-lance web design and 
game/application programming.

Languages background
HTML: 4 years
Java: 1 year
C/C++: 3 years
Perl: 2 years
Basic: 10 years
Assembly: 6 months
AthenaMuse: 2 years
Scheme(Lisp): 2 years

(Pick up new languages easily)

Software-environment background
Microsoft Visual J++ (java)
Borland C++ (c/c++)
Microsoft Visual Basic (basic)
Coffeecup HTML Editor & others (HTML)
Emacs (perl, c, c++, HTML)
MIT Scheme 7.4.x (Scheme/Lisp)
Hardware background
Familiar with computation structure through
all levels -- from transistors through software
applications.  Have designed and built many
different electronic devices which interface 
directly with a computer, including an 
electronic instrument, a PC-controlled 
electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, and various
interfaces.  Built a computer (based loosely
on the DEC Alpha) from components.

OS background
All versions of DOS/Windows
Various flavors of Unix
Many antiquated systems (including Apple and

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Microsoft Visual J++ (java)
Borland C++ (c/c++)
Microsoft Visual Basic (basic)
Coffeecup HTML Editor & others (HTML)
Emacs (perl, c, c++, HTML)
MIT Scheme 7.4.x (Scheme/Lisp)

Many different Internet resources and contacts.

Tools available - HARDWARE
I use a Pentium 75 operating with Windows 95.
It has an X-Windows client that I can use to
operate in a unix (DEC, Sun) environment if

Tools available - NET
Many various search utilities
Personal contacts
Miscellanious resources, as necessary
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Payment upon satisfaction

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (5 - June - 97)
I predict that Java is going to continue to be
used as the medium for inter-platform 
programming.  It will, however, take on many 
new forms that are easier to work with, 
for example Javascript.  I do not see Java
becoming a major platform off of the internet
because it is not established in that context,
and, (despite what Sun or others may suggest)
a java machine poses no significant hardware 
speedups - see example with Scheme machine 
attempted by various researchers at MIT.

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