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Java/Java Script / Animation / Production/Design
Graphics / HTML / VRML
RodCo has developed Java enhanced presentations,
3D Studio VRML worlds, and standard HTML pages.

     * Photoshop
     * 3DS4
     * ACAD 13
     * VRML
     * Hyperwire

  And of course: CGI and Java
Preferred projects
Corporate, Business, Manufacturing, presentations
of products or services, and web pressence.
Platform of focus
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Past projects
RodCo has worked with many large and small corporations,
Home builders, Real Estate companys, and Developers.

An extensive client list is available upon request.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Complete list available upon request. Studio setting.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Studio including PC, Mac, Video, Sound, etc.

Tools available - NET
Complete information available upon request.
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Predictions for Java (26 - May - 97)
Java is going to stay ANYWHERE but static. 
The requests are ever exanding.

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