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Sunnyvale, CA

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Phone 408 / 245-3555 
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GUI development / OOA / OOD / Client - Server
Systems Architect / JDBC -ODBC / Java, Java, Java
GUI Design, Socket-level Client/Server
Communications, Crypto, Multi-Threading,
C++, Windows, Native-methods, E-Commerce,
OOA / OOD, Systems Design, Systems Architect,
JDBC / ODBC Database Connectivity, Protocol
Preferred projects
Web-based, Java projects - including E-Commerce
and Internet / Intranet-based database 
applications using Java for the GUI
Platform of focus
Windows 95/NT, Solaris
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Past projects
See resume.  Companies include Sun 
Microsystems, Borland International, 
AT&T and other Fortune 500 companies.
Programming background
See resume.  Projects have been primarily 
large team projects with 5 - 35 developers.

Languages background
Java, HTML, C, C++, Pascal, VB, Shell Scripts,
AWK, Perl, CGI

Software-environment background
JDK, Symantec Visual Cafe, Windows SDK, 
Borland C++, PVCS
Hardware background
Intel 80x86, SPARK, Z80

OS background
Windows 95/NT, 3.x, 2.x, 1.x, Solaris, AIX,

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Predictions for Java (22 - April - 97)
Java will continue to dominate Web development 
and become more important as the world's 
migration to the internet.  One of the main 
reasons for Java's importance to the Web is 
the need to support heterogeneous platforms 
on the client-side desktop.  For this reason, 
any company or advocacy group that attempts to 
impose a platform-dependent solution to 
software delivered over the internet will fail.

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