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B. Thomas Adler

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San Francisco, California

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client-server apps / multi-threading / perl
virtual communities / multimedia / system administration
TCP/IP programming (C, Java), Java multi-threading,
application profiling and optimization, systems
programming, system administration, data extraction
and report generation, complex data manipulations
Preferred projects
well-defined Java problems, particularly
in the areas of networking and multithreading.
I also enjoy data extraction and manipulation
using Perl.
Platform of focus
Linux, Windows 95
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Past projects
I've spent the last 1.5 years working on a seven
person team to develop a proprietary 3-D environment
application based almost exclusively on Java, for
Worlds, Inc.  I served in the capacity of networking
specialist and lead developer for the multiuser server
co-developed for the application.
Languages background
Java, Perl, C++, C, Pascal, R3000 Assembly

Software-environment background
unix - I am familiar with many of the GNU tools.
       I'm also a big security fan and frequently
       review the security related newsgroups for
       new problems.

windows 95 - Watcom C++, MKS toolkit, Install Shield,
             WISE Installation, Java
OS background
SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, IRIX, AUX,
Windows 95, Windows NT, Plan 9

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