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Perigon Systems 
206 Hamilton Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043

Best way to contact
phone: 415 390 8476
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RDBMS Web integration / Secure Electronic Commerce / Project Management | Internationalized Multi-language Solutions
Intra/ExtraNet Development / Corporate Web Strategy Consultants / Core Systems Engineering For Client Server Products
Preferred projects
We enjoy the challenge of helping diverse
businesses harness the Internet and World Wide 
Web to enhance their competitiveness.

We find that this area of consulting allows
us the greatest opportunity to leverage our
skills in the definition of the requirements and
the architecture of complex systems, our 
ability to manage cross functional teams
(graphic designers, programmers, writers), and
our ability to code like banshees.
Platform of focus
Most comfortable working with Unix based 
web and RDBMS servers, with browser clients
running on arbitrary platforms.
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Past projects
We have completed too many projects to list

The best example of our java programming is
an intranet rolodex application we created
for Computer Curriculum Corporation. Please
check the bottom of our site's welcome
page (@ to view this app.
Programming background
Founder has over 12 years of professional 
experience  developing applications and core 
systems software, and 2 years experience 
managing diverse client projects for 
a rapidly growing software consulting company.

Software-environment background
Visual C++/J++
InstallShield (PC install program builder)
Lex, Yacc, Gmake, Perl, Shell
Javascript, HTML, CGI 
Oracle SQL forms, MS Project, MS Excell
MS Foundation Classes, Rogue Wave
X-Windows, Motif
Netscape Live Wire Development Environment 
Netscape Server PlugIn API
Oracle OCI-lib,  Sybase CT-lib, DB-lib
Oracle and Sybase DBA experience 
Microware's FastTrack (for CDI/ITV Multimedia Apps)
Hardware background
PC's, Unix boxes

OS background
Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 95 (UI and PC installation programming)
UNIX (Solaris, AIX, LINUX, various others)
0S 9  (embedded systems environment)
Vax VMS (many moons ago)

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Net Objects Fusion
Visual J++/C++
Macromedia Multimedia Suite
  Sound Forge  

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Predictions for Java (17 - March - 97)
Java applications will dominate the corporate
desktop within the next three years. Microsoft
Windows based bloatware's hold on this market
will shrink as users come to realize the
advantages of a network based application 
distribution model over labor intensive
PC/Lan approaches.

Java's ability to penetrate the corporate 
desktop market hinges primarily on the ability of 
the major OS platform vendors to get their
virtual machine implementations right (fix 
memory leaks, improve performance, etc.), and
to a lesser extent on the availability of development
tools that enable the development of applications 
that work identically across all platforms.

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