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Knowledge Systems Corporation
4001 Weston Parkway
Cary NC 27513
Phone 919-677-1119 ext 521
fax 919-677-0063
Contact - Martin Kosiak
Located near Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/RTP.

Best way to contact
email or phone
mkosiak@ksccary.com919-677-1119 ext 521
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Training in OO / Java / Smalltalk
Consulting / Mentoring / OO Project Management
Providing training and mentoring in Object
oriented languages for over 10 years.
Java training
Java mentoring
Java consulting
Smalltalk training
Smalltalk mentoring
Smalltalk Consulting
Object Oriented design and analysis
Object Oriented project management
Preferred projects
Knowledge Systems Corporation, has developed and extensive 
portfolio of customers and projects over the past ten years.  Our people have worked on telephony, banking, 
insurance, telecomunications, human resources.  The broad history of KSC has led to projects all over the
world.  In being a leeding provider of OO technology, Java is an extension of that experience.
Platform of focus
Mainframe - Unix - Windows - Mac - Client Server - Fat Client - Thin Client - Three tier client server 
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Past projects
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Software-environment background
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Hardware background
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OS background
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Miscellaneous technology background
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Tools available - SOFTWARE
software - visualworks - visual works - envy/developer - visualage - 
visual age - envy - envy/replicator - replicator - component 
management - gemstone - webconnect - visualwave - wave - envy/qa - 
developer envy/c - object oriented - envy/qa - smalltalk/v - parts 

Tools available - HARDWARE
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Tools available - NET
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Predictions for Java (30 - October - 96)
It will be a strong language.  However, many
people (outside of Java) do not realize it is 
an OO language.  Unless people embrace Objects
as a general platform.  Then Java will be a 
small part of any system.  I have always thought
that the wide spread use of a language depends
on its cost to buy, train and hire.   VB is 
popular becuase it is free and easy.  Not because
it is robust...  

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