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Java / VRML / CGI Scripting w/ Perl
HTML / JavaScript / Visual Basic/C++
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Java applets that promote the use of the Internet
as a viable business tool.
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It's java, all of them.....
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Predictions for Java (10 - October - 96)
Java is a great language with a great future. As
more people begin to learn that Java is so much
more than just a way to incorporate fancy 
graphics and audio clips into web pages, it will
start to take shape as the fully functional,
multi-platform tool it is designed to be. 

Java is the next step, and to date the largest
step, toward using the Internet as a global
network, allowing data and programs to be shared
and manipulated in real-time. The significance
of this has yet to be realized since the language
is still in it's infancy and lacks many of the
tools it will need to eventually become the
OOP language of choice.

But it's only a matter of time...

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