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Rahul R. Karnik

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New Jersey

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Java GUI design / Development and optimization / Porting to Java
* User transparent Java GUI design.

* Development and optimization of Java code.

* Porting from virtually any other language to Java.

* 3D graphics and ray-tracing in Java applets.
Preferred projects
Customized applet design and development.
Platform of focus
Windows NT
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Past projects
Eight years of software design and development experience.

Extensive GUI experience in financial, banking and technical 
application environments.

Worked on various international projects for clients including 
Lucent Technologies, AT&T, Citibank, Deutsche Bank.
Languages background
Visual C++/MFC
Borland C++/OWL
Windows SDK/C
Visual Basic

OS background
Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows

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Predictions for Java (3 - September - 96)
Its platform independence will allow varied developers
such as Sun and Windows to work together, culiminating
in the largest global resource pool ever.

C++ critics and opponents will have to readily accept
Java and begin contributing water-tight code.

And with Microsoft now joining the Java band-wagon,
the sky is the limit.

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