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Doug Word (Visual Concepts)

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Services provided as a freelancing individual

almost always available
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Birmingham, Alabama

Best way to contact
thru my e-mail address:
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JavaScript / VRML / VB
Preferred projects
Interactive JavaScript 'ENHANCED' HTML...
and VRML....
Platform of focus
Windows 95 & Windows NT
Tools available - SOFTWARE
for HTML work: HTML Transit, HTML Assistant Pro,
Web Author, & etc...

for JavaScript: JDK v1.01, Netscape Navigator
GOLD v3.0 beta 4, Web Media Publisher Pro, etc...

for graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark,
3D Studio v4.0, Asymetrics Web3D, Tool Book,
Multi-Media Tool Book, etc....

Tools available - HARDWARE
P-166 w/ 64 megs ram, 128-bit graphics accellerator,
9.1 gig hd, 21" monitor, etc...

OS: Linux, Windows 95, & Windows NT v4.0

Novelle Netware v4.1, etc...

top )
Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Demos, etc... (negotiable)
Predictions for Java (6 - June - 96)
definitely to the top... it's a highly advanced
OOP language for the internet....
beyond it's time... watch out for it in the
future... it's gonna be BIG!!!

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