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Toronto, Ontario

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Java/JavaScript / C++/MFC / Windows NT
HTML/CGI / VRML / Cold Fusion
Java and C++ Object Oriented Development ( Booch )
VC++ w/MFC
Windows User-Interface Design
Web Databases ( CGI, Allaire's Cold Fusion )
Windows NT Intranets, Internet Servers
TCP/IP Socket Programming ( Servers, Clients )

Preferred projects
Java client-server corporate information systems.
Platform of focus
Windows NT, Windows 95, some Linux
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Past projects
4 years Windows C++ development ( OWL, MFC ) in
on-line and network projects ( on-line graphics
services, network faxing ) for small software
companies in the Toronto area.

1 year backgroup in internet specific development.

Programming background
C, C++, Java, QuickBasic, Visual Basic

Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( Booch Methodolgy )

Languages background
C, C++, Java, QuickBasic, Visual Basic

Software-environment background
Borland C++ w/OWL
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 through 4.0 w/MFC
Hardware background
x86 hardware

OS background
Windows NT
Windows 95
Windows 3.1

some VMS and MacOS.

Miscellaneous technology background
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Windows 95
Windows NT
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0
Symantec Cafe
Allaire's Cold Fusion
Microsot IIS
O'Reilly and Associates Website
Netscape Browsers and Servers

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium-75 48 meg
486-80 36 meg

Tools available - NET
web servers, browsers
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Predictions for Java (13 - May - 96)
Java + JavaScript are becoming the defacto
embedded language for numerous technologoes.

Security from the ground up will be a given in
all future languages.  Java will dominate until
the security infrastructure is abstracted from
the language, at which point the next generation
of lanuages will arrive.

Corba and OLE will both be replaced by a next
generation object platform that addresses the
needs exposed by a language like Java, rather
that C, from which both are currently sprung.

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