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Xenosys Corporation
258 Java Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Tel: 408-744-9009
Fax: 408-744-9007

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Java / VRML / C/C++
Relational Databases/SQL / Financial Applications / Real Time Systems
Xenosys Corporation has a diversified team of
engineers with vast industry experience. 
Individually, these engineers are very skilled
specialists in their own respective fields and
each brings a unique engineering perspective.
Together, they make a well equipped team to
handle all aspects of the project from 
Functional Specifications, to Final Project 
Integration, Technical and User Documentation,
Training and Project Maintenance. We have the 
capability to develop software for both business
and engineering applications.
Preferred projects
Client-Server Java Applications, Applets, 
Financial Applications, Database Integration, 
Web Site Development etc.
Platform of focus
Windows 95/NT, Unix
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Past projects
Our Engineers have worked on different software
projects for Intel, Control Logic, Honeywell 
Bull, IBM, Coopers and Lybrand, American Express,
and others.

Programming background
Our engineers have experience of providing
Technical Leadership, and performing Project
Management and Implementation in team projects
ranging in size from one person-year to five
person-years. They have carried the projects
from conception to realization including 
Technical Specification, System Architecture, 
Design, Development, Implementation, Testing,
Total Integration, Coordinating with the 
customer and Interfacing with the vendors.

Languages background
Our engineers have developed in many languages
including Java. C, C++, LISP, PROLOG, CLIPS, 
FORTRAN, BASIC,  IBM 370 Assembly,  Intel 80X86
 Assembly, Honeywell GMAP Assembly,  etc.  
Microsoft Development Environment including 
various versions of MS Windows using SDKs,  C++,
Visual BASIC and Visual C++,  various API's,
various SQLs (Microsoft,  Gupta's 4GL etc.).

Software-environment background
Our expertise include Database Management 
System Design and Development including 
Sybase, DB2, Ontos, Versanet, Gemstone, etc.;
GUI/CASE Tools including  OSF/Motif,  X-Lib,
X-Windows, OS/2-PM SDK, MS Windows SDK, Easel,
OIT, AIC, Xcessory, CASE:W, CASE:PM, 
ObjectVision, ToolBook, VisualWorks,  etc
Hardware background
Some of our engineers have been Key Technical
Contributors in Engineering positions.
For example, in developing Flash Memory Based
ATA Drives in PCMCIA form factor II for the
Mobile Computing Industry - Intel's newest line
of product at the cutting edge of technology.
Provided Technical Leadership in the Firmware
Development and Hardware Interfacing. Others 
have been involved in the Real Time Distributed 
Process Control Systems for Industrial 
Automation and Industrial Process Control.  

OS background
Various hardware platforms and operating systems
including VAX-11/780 (UNIX & VMS), IBM 3081
(CMS & WYLBUR),  IBM 4381/ESDE,  Honeywell 
DPS 88/90 (GCOS8 & MULTICS), IBM PC (Windows, 
DOS, XENIX & UNIX), and various Workstations
including Sun,  DEC 4000,  RS/6000,  MIPS,  NEC,
PS/2,  etc.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Java Development Kit from Sun.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Windows 95/NT and various Workstations.

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Predictions for Java
In five years Java will become a universal
programming language for all platforms.
In the short term it will become the standard
programming language for internet/intranet 
applications, and will revolutionize client-
server computing. 

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