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Rates: $50 to $100 per hour or "by the job"

Services provided as a Company with 3 java people

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Olympia Washington, USA
Always available on the 'Net

Best way to contact
e-mail at
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Java / Python / C++
TCP/IP Communincations / HTML / Custom Database
Socket Communications
Distributed Applications
Development Team Leadership
Preferred projects
Off-site independent development work with Java, Python, or C++.

Will also accept team development work in the right environments.

Can do on-site Java, Python, C++, HTML, and CGI training sessions.
Platform of focus
Win95, Unix (HP-UX and others)
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Past projects
o  Highly-adaptable hospital medical records database system
o  Real-time distributed network monitoring and deductive billing
   system conforming to Bellcore specifications
o  Various small projects

o  Member of The Java Developer FAQ review committee.
   (Please see
Programming background
o  6 years as  Software Engineer
o  3 years as  Team Leader and Systems Architect
o  6 months as Project Manager

Languages background
The languages I have familiarity with are (in order of expertise):
       C++, C, Java, Python, HTML, Perl,
       Pascal, BASIC, 8086 Assembler, 
       Clarion, xBase, DGL, FORTRAN, 
       Prolog, LISP

Software-environment background
RCS, Make, various debuggers, GNU Tools, 
PVCS, Btrieve, zApp, wxWindows, StarView, OWL
Hardware background
o  PC Compatibles
o  HP 9000 workstations and servers

OS background
HP-UX, DOS, 386-DOS (Pharlap, Rational extenders),
X-Windows/Motif, MS Windows 3.x, MS Windows NT, MS Windows 95,
OS/2, Novell (IPX/SPX programming and System Administration),

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Predictions for Java
I think Java has the potential to the ubiquitous 
"All things to all people" (virtual) platform that 
the computer industry has been searching decades to
find.  I think we will see Java applications show 
up in all kinds of places, from set-top boxes to 
application servers.  Of course, Java may not be the 
only language that will be "everywhere," but it will
definantly be one of them.

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