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Java / C++ / CORBA
OO Design / Distributed Systems / OMT-Objectory
WWW/Database integration, intelligent UI design.
Preferred projects
Short to mid-term
Platform of focus
Win32, Unix.  
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Past projects
* Official Bavarian WWW Server (
    - Launched 5/1/1995
    - I designed the multi-lingual support,
      waving-flag animation, security, as well
      as the general server structure.
    - References:,
* Dependable Systems Lab, CMU Computer Science
    - User-Interface design and *testing*
    - Statistical modelling
    - Reference:
Programming background
C++ (5 years)
Java (5 months)
JavaScript (2 months)
Perl (2 years)
Lisp (5 years)
NewtonScript (1.5 years)
Newton NS Basic (1 year)

Software-environment background
From Windows-based graphical IDE's to 
Newton-based BASIC.  I generally stick with
Emacs, command line tools, etc, using visual
tools for UI design only.
OS background
Windows 95/NT, SunOS, HPUX, Linux, Newton OS, MacOS

Tools available - SOFTWARE
* Emacs, Java JDK, Netscape Navigator, GNU GCC,
CVS, Microsoft/Borland C++, etc.
* SunOS, HPUX, Linux, Newton OS.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Intel/Pentium, PowerMac, Newton 120, HP/Sun Workstations.

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Predictions for Java
Look towards compilation other languages into
Java bytecode - particularly Ada, Dylan,

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