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Rates: $20/hr to $90/hr

Services provided as a Company

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Palo Alto, California

Best way to contact
e-mail: (preferred),
phone/fax: (415) 493-0530
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Java Applets / JavaScript / HTML+
C++, Perl, CGI / Graphics and Animation / Win95
o Java programming
o C/C++ programming
o Low-cost web page design
o Web graphics and animation
o Software development tools
  (compilers, debuggers, syntax checkers)
Preferred projects
Custom Java applets,
Web page design,
sever-side programming (Perl, C/C++),
client-side programming (MSVC 4.0),
custom graphics and animation
Platform of focus
Unix, Win95, VAX/VMS
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Past projects
o 20+ years in systems programming (Honeywell,
  SLAC, Intel)

o 10 years as a general partner in AFH Systems
  Group (a systems programming consultancy)
Programming background
o MS Computer Science, Stanford

o 20+ years as a systems programmer

Languages background
o C/C++/MSVC 4.0
o Java
o JavaScript
o Perl
o Pascal
o PL/M
o Fortran
o 80x86 assembler

Software-environment background
o Sun JDK 1.0 with Diva IDE
o MSVC 1.52/4.0
o MFC 4.0
o MSDN Level II
o All Intel 80x86 development tools
Hardware background
o VAX/MicroVAX
o Unix System V on x86
o Xenix on x86
o iRMX on x86

OS background
o DOS/Win95
o Unix/Xenix
o iRMX

Tools available - SOFTWARE
o Sun JDK 1.0 with Diva IDE
o MSVC 1.52/4.0
o MFC 4.0
o MSDN Level II
o Adobe Photoshop
o Adobe Illustrator
o Corel Draw
o Corel Photopaint
o CorelMOVE!
o Asymetrix 3D F/X
o GIF Construction Set
o HTML Assistant

Tools available - HARDWARE
o IBM PC Pentium 90, 486DX4/100
o MicroVAX II
o VaxStation
o Unix System V
o Canon IX-4015 24-bit color scanner

Tools available - NET
o Best Internet
o Netcom
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free animated GIFs

URL for more info

Predictions for Java
Platform-independence is a great concept.
The fly in the ointment is speed!
Java will never really take off until Java
execution vehicles (interpreters, chipset
accelerators) can come within a factor of
5 or less of the speed of native processors.

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