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Posted by Richelieu (Alex Stewart) on April 07, 1996 at 08:05:54:

In Reply to: Re: The Message Board! posted by Alex Stewart on March 26, 1996 at 00:02:29:

this message board thing is severely flawed.

As you can see in the "Current Problems" section, I attempted to
include some example HTML tags in a message of mine, and it
didn't bother to escape them in the message when it printed it
back, so they got eaten by the browser.

Now, I can understand this (though it's still not acceptable),
but what I cannot understand (or believe) is that when I tried
to post a correction and escaped the angle-bracket characters with
their HTML entities (< and >), in the process of
posting the messages, it converted these entities _back_ to
angle-bracket characters, which means that it once again printed
the things as raw HTML tags and the browser ate them AGAIN.

Then on my final try, I tried escaping the ampersand at the
beginning of the entities (< etc), and you can see
the results. As best I can tell it is completely impossible to
include angle-brackets in one's message whatsoever. This makes
talking about HTML (which is rather related to a lot of Java
stuff) VERY difficult.

Something needs to be fixed.


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