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Posted by Mike Afergan on March 13, 1996 at 14:21:31:

Here's a message that I posted to Let's see
if this message board proves more useful.

I am creating an applet that will spawn a child
Frame (An "Untrusted Java Applet Window"). From this
window, the user has the ability to load a new HTML page
in the original page using the

context.showDocument( URL ); command

where context is an appletContext passed to the
frame in the constructor method.

While this works for the first document
(I am able to go from my HTML page to say Netscape.),
I am unable to access the appletcontext (browser) after
that. (After arriving at Netscape, I can no longer display a new page or use any of the other appletContext methods such as showStatus().)
My code does not crash and I still can play around
with the frame. However, I cannot effect the browser's
screen anymore.
I have tried passing the entire applet to the frame
and invoking the getAppletContext() to try to "refresh" the
context variable to no avail.
I suspect that the problem stem from the fact that
the original applet no longer exists - It was replaced
by the new HTML page. However, the appletcontext is still
the same browser, so I should be able to retain control.

What am I missing?


-- Mike

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