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Posted by Richelieu (Alex Stewart) on April 07, 1996 at 07:46:17:

In Reply to: Re: Unable to Retain Applet Context posted by Joe Weber on April 04, 1996 at 09:51:00:

: The second is
: to show the context in a new window. In other
: words use: showDocument(URL,string) where the
: string is the name of the new window... it will
: cause Netscape to spawn a new browser.

An article in the current DDJ gave me another idea how this
problem might be solvable which might be a little cleaner than
this but is along the same lines.. You might try putting your
applet in a "hidden frame", so that it could retain an (invisible)
context on the current page without spawning off another browser

You can create a hidden frame by specifying a frame document of
the form:

The ROWS="*,0" sets the second frame to have a height of 0
pixels, and the NORESIZE makes sure it doesn't get accidentally
resized to something larger than that. main_document.html then
takes up the full area, but hidden_document.html is still active,
and (though I haven't tried this myself) an applet in
hidden_document.html should be loaded and active as long as this
frameset is onscreen.

Then you use showDocument(URL,"main_frame") (or whatever you
decide to name your main frame) for all your URL loads, and
presto.. (theoretically)


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