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Posted by JAS (from Alex Stewart) on March 28, 1996 at 11:02:47:

From Alex:

The problem is that the name "TeamJava" is in direct violation of Sun's
trademark policies, and legally we can't use it. We're still pretty small
at the moment which is probably why nobody from Sun has noticed and
mentioned it yet, but if we get bigger, particularly if we start setting
up things like what I was suggesting in the way of standards and
development stuff, somebody almost certainly will notice and we could have
some problems.

Specifically, I quote from Sun's "Java(tm) Trademark Guidelines"

> 1.Product and Service Names
> Sun does not license the Java Trademarks. Please do not use them in
> the names of your products or services, or in any other trademark
> manner--e.g., "VirtualJava", "Virtual Java", or "QuickCompiler For
> JavaScript".

Which appears to be intended specifically for names like "TeamJava", and
explicitly prohibits them.

So.. in spite of all the nice work people have done in the way of coming
up with logos and everything, it looks like we had really better think
about a new name for our little group, before someone decides to make us.

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