Registry Questions


The Registry Question List

Below is the current "master list" of questions we and many of you have suggested for organizing the member's information. If you wish to join, please review this list and prepare the items you plan to provide for the public registry.

PLEASE DON'T EMAIL us the answers, but input them at the online registration form.

(This is only for your review and preparation)

Initial TeamJava Registry Questionnaire

(Note:  In fairness, only one TeamJava listing per organization)


Will you wish to join the TeamJava Advisory Board?
 (one member per company only)

Are you willing to send demo's of your applets to TJ for evaluation?

Will you provide an HTML 1.0 file for our member's index?

Labor Rates ___
Availability ___
Specialties ___

Company or freelancing individual ?
 *If a company:     size programming force __
 *If an individual: looking for full-time employment ?

Background (work/projects)
Background (programming)
Background (languages)
Background (software tools/environments)
Background (operating systems)
Background (hardware)
Background (miscellaneous technologies)

Your email (required)
Your full name (required)

Your location ___
How to best contact ___
Portfolio/Resume URL ___
Preferred type of projects ___
Platform of focus? ___

Tools and resources you use:
 *Software ___
 *Hardware ___
 *Internet ___

Are these resources available to the public for:
 *Free/Demo/Trial-basis ?
 *Price ___
 *URL for more info ___

Your prediction where Java is going ___

Please send your feedback -- BUT NOT THE ANSWERS!!!

And THANKS for your support!!!


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