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Urbancode, Inc.
2044 Euclid Avenue, Suite 600
Cleveland, OH 44115

toll free:(878)858.4599

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Java / J2EE / EJB
Performance Optimization / Training / Architecture Evaluation
Custom Application Development
Developer Training and Mentoring
Architecture and Design Evaluation
Application Performance Optimization
Preferred projects
Today's successful companies rely on a
carefully orchestrated collection of unique
business methods and processes to deliver a
compelling value proposition to their clients. 
Often these crucial and defining processes
are not supported by packaged applications
and can only be evoked using custom software. 

Companies that realize this and use custom
software to enforce their value propositions
capture enormous market advantages against
competitors while improving internal 
productivity and decreasing costs.   

Such innovative companies confidently rely on
Urbancode to develop the custom software that
meets all their needs, be they providing
features that are missing from a packaged
application, or developing an entirely new
system from the ground up. Urbancode has
years of experience developing software for
clients that range from fledgling dot coms
to  sophisticated Fortune 1000 enterprises.
We have an infrastructure of people, tools,
and methods, which allows us to provide very
short development cycles and extremely high
Miscellaneous technology background
Take a look at our EJB Design Performance study
to see how you can increase the performance of
your application by up to 120 fold (that's
12,000%) with a few simple changes to the
application design.
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