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We are located in the beautiful Oley Valley in rural Pennsylvania.
For directions see

ObjectMania! Consulting, Inc.
450 Main St.
Oley, Pa.  19547

Best way to contact
We can be contacted by phone at: 610-987-8000
or by email at
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Java - J2EE - J2ME - JSP / Legacy System Integration / Open Technologies
Wireless (WML, WAP, CLDC, MIDP, C++) / Database Integration / XML
Java 1.1, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Micro Edition (J2ME)
C++ and C
Markup Languages (including JSP, XML, WML, WAP, HTML, etc.)
Highly distributed system architectures
Wireless Applications
Palm OS native applications and Web Clipping Applications (WCA)
IBM WebSphere, ATG Dynamo, and Apache/Tomcat Web application servers
RDBMS (including Oracle, DB2, mySQL, MS Access, etc.)
Instrument-based test systems for high-frequency communications IC's
IEEE and other industry-standard communication protocols
Formal Human-Computer Interaction (Usability) techniques for design
New and Legacy Operational Support Systems (OSS) for the Telecom Industry
Preferred projects
As primarily a project-based consulting firm, we develop proposals for
projects ranging from a couple of days to several months. While some
projects continue on longer, we typically try to keep the milestones
(deliverables) on a shorter period to reduce risk and achieve a high
success rate with our projects.

We prepare a very thorough proposal for any projects under consideration at
no cost. 
Platform of focus
UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Linux)
Windows (2000, NT)
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Past projects
As stated above, we prepare a very thorough proposal for any projects under
consideration at no cost. Today's economy just emphasizes the importance of 
understanding the complete project scope in order to accurately estimate the
ROI for the project. In our proposal, we detail the objectives, technical 
approach, project milestones, project management strategy, and pricing. With
the increased complexity of integration required in the middleware, our design
and development methodologies follow closely with the Rational Unified
Process, including visual design modeling in Rational Rose.

For a list of our clients, see
Programming background
ObjectMania provides a managed software development team of consultants with
experience in object-oriented software development and telecom systems
integration on a per-project basis. Our consultants have 12-15 years of
experience in mission-critical object-oriented systems development utilizing 
the specialties listed above.

Languages background
Specializing in Java technologies, including
   - Java 1.1
   - Java 2 Enterprise Edition
   - Java 2 Micro Edition
   - Java Server Pages

along with C, C++ experience in both enterprise
and embedded systems.

Scripting languages include Javascipt, Perl, PHP, Tcl/Tk, Unix shell

Software-environment background
Rational Enterprise Tools (Rose, UML, etc...)
Forte for Java, Forte for Java CE
IBM Websphere Studio
CodeWarrior for Palm
Hardware background
Intel Platforms (multiple OSes)
Sun Sparc/UltraSparc Archtecture
IBM P-Series (p640, p660, p680, p690)
Palm Platform (III - M500 series)

OS background
RedHat Linux (5.x - present)
Sun Solaris (1.x - present)
IBM AIX (5.1)
Windows (2000, NT)
Palm OS (3.x - present)
Windows CE

Miscellaneous technology background
Our system integration experience also includes new and legacy Operational
Support Systems (OSS) for the Telecommunications Industry such as Granite,
BayLogics, TIRKS, PICS, DCPR and others. In addition, we have strong
experience in LAN design and implementation. We produce Web-enabled
applications that deliver sophisticated functionality inside and outside
the office using wireless handheld and laptop computers. By employing best
practices and continuously verifying quality, we will work with your team
or client to standardize development processes and automate areas of the
lifecycle engineering process.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
See above.

Tools available - HARDWARE
See above.

Tools available - NET
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Predictions for Java (11 - December - 101)
We believe that Java will continue to be the predominent
player in Enterprise Integration and Web Services for the
the forseeable future.  Java will also continue to make 
inroads in the wireless and embedded device markets.

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