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Jayanagar,Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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Client-Server / Coding / Testing
Servlets / RMI / JDBC
All client-server solutions in the field of internet, ecommerce, and communications.
Technologies used are socket programming, servlets, RMI
Experienced in adaptive (genetic) algorithms, optimization techniques, and Neural Network based predictive engines and technologies
Database development experience in Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase, with database access using JDBC
Extensive knowledge of Email protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
Applet development with full testing on multiple platforms (Unix/Mac/Win)
Lotus notes programming (including java applications within Lotus Notes)
Experienced in developing GUI using both AWT as well as Swing technologies
Preferred projects
Internet based Client-Server projects.
Ecommerce projects.
Platform of focus
All flavours of Linux.
Windows NT, Windows 95/98.
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Past projects
In the Java development field for close to 1 1/2 years
More than 9 programmers with over 2 years Java programming experience
Database projects in SQL Server/Oracle, access with JDBC with GUI interface
Over 6 projects of 2-6 man-months duration, and 2 over 1 man year
Small projects in Lotus notes based development

Programming background
More than 9 programmers with over 2 years Java programming experience
Also have experience in C/C++/VC++
3 developers with Oracle database training, 2 certified
1 project in JDBC based data access
Experience in developing solutions using Lotus Notes (including Java application within Notes)

Languages background
Lotus Notes
CGI-BIN using perl/C/C++/Java

Software-environment background
Modelling and design : 
Modelling done using base UML
Experience in Visio, Rational Rose
programming : 
JDK1.1.1-1.1.7 on Linux, JDK1.1.1 - 1.2 on windows
Symantec Visual Cafe
Visual J++
Debugging : 
jdb on Linux, windows
Inbuilt debuggers within Visual cafe and Visual J++
Testing :
In-house developed tool for load testing of systems.
Unit testing by developers; integration testing and System testing done by specialized teams
CVS/RCS for source code control and tracking
Hardware background
Training in JINI technology in progress. 

OS background
Worked on windows 95/98/NT using both software development tools as well as base JDK
Have also done some development work in Windows 3.1.1
Over 2 years experience in Linux - 5 linux installations and growing
Combined exprience of over 10 years in Solaris
One installation of Macintosh for testing purposes

Miscellaneous technology background
Combined experience of 2 years in Neural Network based learning/adaptive algorithms, predictive engines.
Experience in adaptive optimization techniques like genetic algorithms
Tools available - SOFTWARE
base JDK for java programming on all Linux installations
Symantec Visual Cafe and Microsoft Visual J++ on windows machines
Modelling tools like Visio, Visual Modeller 
In-house developed load tester for system level load testing
CVS/RCS for source code control and tracking
Browsers : 
Netscape, IE and Hotjava browsers for applet testing

Tools available - HARDWARE
5 linux installations - Intel/AMD/Cyrix chips
5 Windows NT installations - Intel
2 windows 95 installations - Intel
Basic hardware for LAN

Tools available - NET
Dial-up connection to the internet
All software testing done using local networks
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Predictions for Java (12 - August - 99)
Server side network enabled applications, client-server technologies
embedded technologies, especially in the communications field, with significant inter-device interactivity
Enterprise level systems
Ecommerce and related applications

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