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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Vamsidhar Reddy Chenepalli,Programmer Analyst,
cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd,
Elnet software city,1st floor,T.S.140, block 2&9,
CPT road, taramani,
+91-44-2354281 (Extn.4410)

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JDBC / networking / RMI
CORBA / GUI design / EJB
Sun certified Java1.1 developer having 18 months
of experience in developing applications using
jdk1.1/1.2, JDBC, CORBA/RMI and EJB technologies.
Intrested to work on challenging assignments.
Preferred projects
On GUI design and distributed computing using
Platform of focus
windows NT and Linux
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Past projects
1.Project Title	:	Insurance EJB component
  Under this project we are developing insurance component
 using the EJB technology.
I am involved in analysis of the requirements,
 designing & coding of the component. The component provides the functionality to create, update & delete a policy and to raise a claim and to provide information
 about a policy depending on the user authentication. 
2.Project Title	:	Web application server
 Under this project we tried to develop a web application server for deploying servlets and Java applications on the server side.
I was involved in analysis of the requirements and designing the architecture of the application server. After proper analysis of the applications server requirements, we preferred to use one of the already existing application servers in the market. This decision was taken after considering the costs, time & effort involved in developing an application server with buying an existing application server. 

3.Project Title	:	Timesheet System
Description of the project:Under this project we developed an Intranet based system for associate timesheet management. Apart from Timesheet entry facility to the associates, this system has report generation facilities based on associate, cost and effort estimates available for project managers.
I was involved in designing the classes for Timesheet System using OOD and development of the client classes using JDK1.1.6.
It involves designing the GUI as an applet, providing the network protocols and connections with the server and generating reports. On the server side JDBC is used to store the data in Oracle and for retrieving it. 
4.Project Title	: 	Development of Impact Analysis tool for Informix  (4GL, 5GL), C code
 Under this project I designed and developed an Impact analysis tool for analyzing the source code written in C, C++, 4GL, 5GL,perl. The application generates a report on impacted files, functions, and lines based on the seed list given by the user.
Languages background
Java (jdk1.1/1.2),

Software-environment background
Visual age for Java,
Hardware background
Intel based systems

OS background
windows NT/95

Miscellaneous technology background
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Visual age for Java

Tools available - HARDWARE
Intel 133MHz/64MB

Tools available - NET
and various mailing lists
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Predictions for Java (8 - August - 99)
to rule the world. 

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