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Dan Woods

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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: $50 to $80

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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Calgary, AB, Canada 

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Java / C/C++ / Unix
Perl/CGI / HTML/JavaScript / applet
Java, HTML, Perl/CGI, C and UNIX admin. 

Jack of all trades :) 

Custom programming, debugging/testing,
high programming standards.
Preferred projects
     applets: games, puzzles 
   utilities: GUI or command line 
applications: something interesting 
testing and debugging code: a challenge 
Platform of focus
Win 95/NT, UNIX, AIX
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Past projects
Currently a Senior PA (System Admin) for two
AIX library servers. Includes the use of Java, 
Perl/CGI, HTML, JavaScript

Programming UNIX and C for printing companies
(2nd largest in Canada) which included modules:
Estimating, Job Control, Job Tracking, Invoicing,
Timesheets, Acounting, data updates/conversions.

Also Technical Leader on a 1-year project,
delivered on time.
Programming background
10+ yrs of C and UNIX (HP, AIX, ...)
2 yrs of Java, Perl/CGI2 yrs of HTML, JavaScript 

UNIX system administrator
UNIX commands, sh/csh/ksh scripts

Languages background
C/C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Perl/CGI,
C-ISAM, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, etc

UNIX commands, sh/csh/ksh scripts

Fluent in English and French.

Software-environment background
Jbuilder, Sun JDK, jTest, UNIX commands, ...
Hardware background
PCs since 1982, IBM AIX, HP 9000, MIPS, ...

OS background
Win 95/NT, win3.11, Dos

Miscellaneous technology background
Informix C-ISAM, MS-Access, SQL, ...
Tools available - SOFTWARE
as required for the job 

Tools available - HARDWARE
access to AIX
Pentium PCs

Tools available - NET
as required
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Predictions for Java (29 - April - 99)
... to infinity and beyond  ;)

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