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Feburary 1999
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Belleville NJ

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Java / C/C++,VB,ASP,CGI, PERL / CORBA / Internet/Intranet App Development
Preferred projects
Client/Server development,Internet/Intranet Application Development.
Platform of focus
Java,CGI,ASP,CORBA,C/C++,VB,PERL, Application Servers
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Past projects
Worked in Client/Server based Projects. Worked using RDBMS. Did internet/intranet based projects. Did Web development
Programming background
2 ½ years of Web Application Development experience in Java ( 1.1 and 1.2 ) , J++,CGI, ASP ,VB, C and Perl 

3 years of Application Development experience in C,C++ ,UNIX and RDBMS. 

Object Oriented Design and Development knowledge in UI Frameworks as well as Server side architectures 

Development experience in Distributed computing using Java ,CORBA and Network Sockets Programming in C and Java 

Languages background
Languages:Java ( 1.1 and 1.2 ) , J++, C, C++, VB, Perl. 
OOD:UML and Design Patterns. 
Web Development:Java(AWT and Swing ), CGI, ASP, Javascript and VBScript. 
Operating Systems: UNIX(Solaris, BSD, SysV) , Windows 95 and NT, DOS. 
Databases:SQL Programming, Oracle, Sql Server. 
Internet/Intranet:     TCP/IP,CORBA,COM/DCOM,XML,HTML. 
UI Development:VJ++, VC++, VB, Visual Café and JBuilder. 

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Tools available - NET
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free online resource of Protocol Deisgn and Development

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Predictions for Java (8 - January - 99)
Java is good but it is still evolving. Java will be the lingua franca of the internet commerce.

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