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Calgary, Alberta presently, but as of February
1999 I will be in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Java / C++ / OO Design
Database / Network Protocols / Distributed Computing
My latest project is finishing up.  It has been
a year long enterprise java solution.  The goal
was thin client with java servers.  This project
has further developed my design skills.  
Security and messaging layers were custom
designed.  Servers implementing multiple network
protocols, transaction event models and message
pushing were used.  Graphical interface design
and issues specific to applet security and
limitations are also a specialty.
Preferred projects
Unique projects requiring new technology, solid
design and Java.  Distributed frameworks with
database driven back-ends.
Platform of focus
NT, Solaris
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Past projects
My last two years have been spent working for
a web solutions company called "Burnt Sand
Solutions Inc."  This has been largely Java
projects with some alternate web techonology
also.  Previous to that, I worked at a company
doing client/server applications in C++
Programming background
My primary language now is Java, but I also have
considerable experience in C++ and PL/SQL.  I
consider most object-oriented languages part of
my resume, as I have used Delphi and tend to
appreciate design before implementation.

Languages background
English, French and Mandarin Chinese... but that
is not really the question.  Computer languages
seem to be coverd above.

Software-environment background
Symantic Cafe, Visual C++ and Visual J++,
Delphi, Visual Age
OS background
NT and Unix (Solaris and Irix)

Tools available - HARDWARE
Primarily PCs

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Predictions for Java (9 - December - 98)
Hmmm... that's a tough one.  I predict a serious
challenge to Microsoft from Java.  The key, in
my opinion, is Java enabling all sorts of 
devices like appliances and automobiles.  Let's
face it, Microsoft cannot write anything small
enough to be portable like this.  On the other 
hand, let's be careful too.  I do not want to
replace the cult of Windows with the cult of
Java.  My personal Java goal?  Managing big
projects in China... it's just a matter of time
I feel before that market becomes huge.

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