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Nov 1 1998
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Oakland, California

Best way to contact
phone: 510 763 5145
or email (
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JDBC / Marimba / WebLogic
GUIs: AWT et al / Audio Processing
Internet database access via JDBC.
Marimba channel development.
Use of Weblogic application server.
Gui development with AWT, Swing, Bongo.
Audio effects processing.
Preferred projects
Systems built in Java that take
advantage of internet database access.
Platform of focus
NT, W95, Solaris.
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Past projects
System written in Java that communicates
between a doctor's office and an insurance co.,
utilizing Weblogic for Database access and
Marimba for application delivery. In charge
of a team of three.

Other "proof of concept" applications that
demonstrate Marimba technology.

Financial systems: trading applications for
Nomura Securities and Chemical Bank.
Languages background
(in chronological order:)
C, UNIX (awk, sed, shell etc.), Prolog, C++,

Hardware background
Sun, IBM, Intel

OS background
Berkeley UNIX, UNIX SV, Solaris,
Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT

Tools available - SOFTWARE
JDK 1.2beta4, Symantec Cafe,
Weblogic libraries, Marimba libraries.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Micron PC.

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Predictions for Java (8 - October - 98)
Java offers a much more tractable approach
to OOP than either C++ (or Smalltalk);
it will gradually replace these languages
for most new systems or applications being
built simply because it is easier to write and
faster to prove. Java-based multimedia
applications are about to take off in the
near term.

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