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Sept 15th 1998
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901 S. Clover Ave.
San Jose Ca. 95128

Best way to contact
Voice phone (408) 983-0560
Pager (408) 652-0904
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Computer Security / Unix Internals / Networking
JAVA / C / Graphical User Interface
HP-UX OS security and intrusion detection.
System call auditing, user interface
configuration and process controls.
Preferred projects
Short term development. Offsite prefered.
Seperately scoped and independently developed
components. Milestones and metrics followed
by team integration and testing.
Platform of focus
HP-UX and SUN with emphasis on UNIX platforms.
Linux and NT as needed.
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Past projects
20 years of work background spanning the early
years of Apple Compter and the Apple II. On to
CP/M, MP/M, and the Version 7 UNIX of the Onyx
Z8000 based micro-computers. Including process
control with Dysan. Support and Development
of the V2 and V3 news server with SUN CTE group.
X.25 network development with HP to provide
connectivity to DMS-200 Northern Telecom
switches. Various related process control
Programming background
6502, 8086, and Z80 8 bit processor
C development on MS-DOS and Windows
environments. Early Motif GUI development
and extensive experience with the X-windows
tool kit and Xt environment. Early versions
of various C++ tool kits to create an abstract
mechanism for developing quick GUI interfaces
in C++. Latter moved on to JAVA as a better

Languages background
C and C++

Software-environment background
dbx debugger
xdb debugger
ClearCase development environment
Hardware background
HP and SUN machines
486 and 586 Pentium
Various micro-wave electronics circuits

OS background
Sun OS, Solaris
HP-UX 10.20 and 11.00
Linux 5.0 and 5.1
MS-DOS 3.11
NT 4.0
Windows 95

Miscellaneous technology background
Amateur Radio Operator KE6IZZ
Electronics Technician
Tools available - SOFTWARE
JAVA Swing and JFC
Netscape IFC platform
GNU C and C++ compiler
ClearCase tools

Tools available - HARDWARE
SUN Sparc systems
Pentium based ISA and PCI bus systems
HP Spectrum Analyzer
Singer Service Monitor
Philips Oscilloscope
Frequency Counters
Power Meter

Tools available - NET
Dialup and ISDN data connections
Service of partially owned ISP company
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Predictions for Java (10 - September - 98)
It is my belief that JAVA will become the
dominate medium for development of new
applications and the porting of old apps.
It must mature and grow into that role as it
is now in the adolescent phase as a tool and
programing language. It currently limits it's
usability primarily because the speed is not
there yet. When machine speed and JAVA's
maturity converge with critical mass it will
realize it's full potential.

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