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87 Flowertree
Ottawa, Ontario
K2M 2R7

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tel: (613) 592-9447
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Java / C++ / Delphi
Design, implementation of OO programs, 
profesionnal commercial software.

Did a lot of code mainly in C++, but also
in Delphi and Java.
Preferred projects
100% pure Java programs
Platform of focus
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Past projects
01/1997 to today: COREL CORPORATION
	Software Engineer - Paradox
Co-op term, 05/1996 to 08/1996: COREL CORPORATION
	Software Engineer - Corel Family Tree
Co-op term, 09/1995 to 12/1995: BELL NORTHERN RESEARCH, Montreal
	Programmer - Speech Recognition-Tools 
Two Co-op terms, 09/1994 to 12/1994 and 01/1994 to 04/1994: NATURAL RESOURCES CANADA- Ottawa
	Programmer - Geophysics Labs
Weekends & holydays, 1992 to 1993: HOPITAL PIERRE-BOUCHER
	Operator - Computer Room
Programming background
* Web Publishing: Designed a solution for publishing Paradox documents to HTML.  Also, developed a "Web Form Editor" program in JAVA.
* Core Engines, GUI and Paradox Runtime: restructuring and debugging.
* HTML Import Expert: coded the engine, in Delphi.
* Localization: assisted the localization team to translate the software.  Wrote a Delphi program to extract translatables and generate localization code.
* Wrote a Newsletter about Paradox Delphi add-ins for the Corel Web Site.
* Other Experts: in ObjectPAL.
* Installation: worked with an InstallShield-like in-house program, and worked with COM objects.
* Porting of Paradox from Borland C++ to MS Visual C++ with MFC.
* Integrated various 3rd-party and Common libraries.
* Wrote a lot of internal documentation and training material for the Paradox Engineering Web Page.
* Wrote a OPAL Diff program.
* Worked with the Setup Team to help them write an installation program Expert for shipping with Paradox Runtime.

Languages background
Languages:  Java, C/C++, Pascal, Smalltalk

Software-environment background
IDEs:  Visual Café Pro, Visual J++, Visual C++/MFC, Delphi, 
C++Builder, Assembler, Visual Basic

Software: MS Office, WordPerfect Suite, Paradox, Access
Hardware background
PCs, Mac, Sun

OS background
Platforms:  Java, Win32, OS/2, Mac, DOS

Tools available - NET
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Predictions for Java (3 - September - 98)
Java is a great language and thanks to its
wonderful standart set of classes, it will
certainly be the language of choice in the
near future.  My only hope is that it does
not get fragmented.

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