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Shai Almog
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Distributed systems / AI mostly genetic (NN & GA's) / Simulations
Solving problems whose solution space is so 
large standard AI finds a good solution (not
the best solution) or simply fails.
I usually use genetic techonology to find more
"creative" solutions to the problem at hand and
distribute the problem across the network so
several computers can help in searching for the
best solution and thus increase the potential
of finding a better solution faster.
Preferred projects
Complex AI and heuristic search problems.

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Past projects
Worked for Formula (Israels second largest
software company) and did heuristic scheduling
algorithms in C++.
Worked for NCC a large outsourcing company and
developed a simulation project in CPP, later
on continued that work at Pixel.
Java editor at EDM/2 ezine.
Programming background
I have experience with CORBA and a little RMI.
I use a little UML but still do a lot of design
work and make heavy use of software patterns.
I have approximately 6 years experience with
C++ programming and 3 years with Java 
programming. I know Java very in depth since as
a Java editor I used to research my articles in
every Java related subject.

Languages background
I use mostly Java today, although I am
a very strong C++ programmer.
I did use in my school days:
SmallTalk, Pascal, C, x86 Assembler, Basic/VB, 
Cobol etc...

Software-environment background
I used watcom quite a lot a couple of years ago,
and quite a bit of the VisualAge tools.
I used both Borland and MS compilers for C++
and mostly the sun JDK 1.0x to 1.2.
I used JBuilder, Visual cafe and cosmo code
for a brief while and contributed some source
code to the free builder project.
Hardware background
I mostly use x86, I worked very little on mips
and PPC.
I am very familiar with PC hardware since my
childhood hangout was a PC store in which I
sometimes worked.

OS background
I use many different OS's
NT, Linux, OS/2 I recently purchased Solaris,
and used for a short while both AIX and IRIX.
I ofcorse used quite a bit of Dos ;)

Miscellaneous technology background
I worked quite a bit in robotics theories and
implementation, helping a friend form a startup
company in the robotics market.
I developed with him some of the concepts of
the robots framework API and some AI technologies
such as object/language recognition.
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Mostly the JDK, Mr. Ed text editor and Netscape

Tools available - HARDWARE
I have 3 PC's, 2 MMX 200 with 64mb SDRAM and
a total of 5GB disk space and one thinkpad
390cd with a TFT monitor.
They are all conected through a 10 baseT hub. 

Tools available - NET
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Predictions for Java (1 - July - 98)
The network is the computer. Having a 100 old
486's could mean that you have one large super
parallel computer which will be able to solve
highly complex problems.
I belive Java will be going everywhere as JIT's
improve and it will probably replace C++ in many
of the day to day tasks.

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