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looking for contract telecommuting work
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9259 Deercross pkwy. Apt. 1-B
Cincinnati, OH

Best way to contact
(513) 247-8714 (w)
(513) 791-2080 (h)
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Java / C++ / Computer Telephony
Experience with engineering software (degreed Aerospace engineering) and computer telephony applications. Have written custom servers (100% Java) to integrate PBX switches with java clients. Skilled in C++, VB and vaious other languages.
Preferred projects
Java, web-based, n-tier, engineering
Platform of focus
any supporting Java
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Past projects
Aerospace engineer for several years. Owned and operated small software consulting firm. Lead developer on CTI start-up.
Programming background
see above

Languages background
Experience with Java, C++, VB, FORTRAN, assembler, HTML.

Software-environment background
Variety of Java IDE's, MS Visual C++ 5.0, VB 5.0 various middle tier servers.
Hardware background
Have designed and constructed custom PC expansion cards to communicate with GPS receivers.

OS background
Mostly NT

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Predictions for Java (15 - May - 98)
Java will continue to be used as a supplement to existing enterprise solutions until IS managers begin to feel a little more secure about its use. This will precipitate complete integration of Java throughout the enterprise of many organizations. There is an additional benefit to an all Java enterprise not mentioned often. Specifically, the benefits of using one language throughout the entire enterprise. The efficiency of such an organization will be much better than an organization that uses 5-10 different languages to accomplish the same thing (i.e. VB, CGI, HTML, XML, etc. etc. )

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