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Denver, CO

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Client/Server / C++/C / Java
Transaction Processing / Server Software / Multi-Platform
Architecture and design of client/server-based
systems in a multi-platform environment;
Financial and medical systems experience; 
Proven project lead and management history.
Preferred projects
My favorite types of projects have the following
attributes:  Client/Server, high-quality and 
functionally rich.
Platform of focus
Most UNIXes, Windows NT, Windows 95
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Past projects
10 years at Digital Equipment Corporation,
doing OS, Transaction Processing, AI and 
database interals work in C.  Several more years
doing Telecom and another Database internals
jobs in C and C++.  3.5 years doing MOM (Message
Oriented Middleware), or Object Brokering, on
several Unix platforms as well as NT.  Mostly
in C++ and now in PureJava.
Generally, I have done lots of design and 
development in a wide variety of situations
and environments.
Languages background
14 years C
6 years C++
2 years Java
Many years VMS Assembler
Over 15 years total software experience

Hardware background
11 years Digital VAX
8 years various Unix machine vendors
5 years Intel-based machines (IBM, Gateway,
  Dell, Packard Bell, Micron, HP)

OS background
11 years Digital VMS
8 years various UNIXes, including Solaris,
  AIX, Digital Unix, Linux, HP-UX, Sequent,
  Sequoia, etc.
5 years Windows 3.1/95/NT

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Sun JavaWorkshop

Personal Contacts

Tools available - NET mostly, for API references. for examples, and links to
  other good Java resources.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Predictions for Java (6 - May - 98)
Java will be a very popular environment for
applications.  I think the performance issue
and the PERCEIVED security issues will either
slow down or stop Java from being accepted into
certain markets on a large scale.  Otherwise,
I think that Java will continue to grow and 
become one of the most popular languages ever.

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