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Java Beans/UML / JDBC/ODBC / Servlet-based websites
Managing large projects and work forces,
meeting deadlines: "the difficult can be 
done right away; the impossible I can deliver
tomorrow afternoon..."
Preferred projects
Telephony, distributed gaming
Platform of focus
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Past projects
Architect and principal author of the server side
of the client-server VR1/Microsoft Gaming Zone hit 'Figher Ace'.
(numerous accomplishments over my 15 year career omitted due to space)

Programming background
Developed programming systems in the functional, object-oriented, and human views of understanding over 
the past two decades.  Exposed to and familiar  with virutally every modern computer language and 
platform including database systems such as Oracle,SyBase, and the free MySQL; note that I am currently 
an expert in developing JDBC drivers for bridging homogenous systems and non-relational data.

Languages background
Basic, C, Pascal, C++, Eiffel, Java, SmallTalk, Inferno, 
Perl, /bin/sh, yacc (written my own compilers), Prolog, Turing, 
and Turtle (a logo-like language I designed).
Also, numerous assembly langauges including 8080, Z80, 6502, 68000, 80x86, SPARC, and including
assembly languages I have designed for my own CPU ('MINIMAL').

Software-environment background
IBM VisualAge
Java Workshop
good ole `vi'...
Hardware background
S-100 bus systems.
Theoretical/Academic exposure to CPU and memory management hardware design,
developed video drivers and chipset debugging tools and 
interface simulation systems for ATI Technologies.

OS background
BSD/OS, linux, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, NeXTStep, VMS, plus
a unique version of Windows 3.0 issued on ROM but not 
widely released which was put out for `set-top box' programmers
in the early 90s...

Tools available - NET
I have a linux box well-connected on t3 bandwidth up here in 
Toronto Canada which I can use to host ftp or 
website pages for any not-for-profit initiative 
that I care about.
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Predictions for Java (24 - February - 98)
Java must evolve to a point where it can be 
seemlessly optimized for a massively parallel 
environment;  I predict that big number crunching 
is going to get very very big but that we will 
always have a significant need for platform 
independant 'thin' clients. 

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