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Rates: $35 to $60

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Immediate avaliability for contract/freelance work
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Ypsilanti, Michigan

Best way to contact
email or call 734/481-8939
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GUI / HTML / Graphic design
Marketing/advertising writing / Content development / Technical writing
Technical communiciaton
Electronic publishing
Web site design and maintenance
Internet promotion
Marketing communication
Graphic design
User interface
CGI programming
Multimedia including Shockwave/Flash
Digital audio & video production
Preferred projects
Web site development, including all facets of site development, from organization and GUI to graphic design to content production.
Platform of focus
Macintosh, Windows, Unix
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Past projects
We've developed a Web-based order-processing system for a major educational software
retailer, established a Web presence for a national home inspection company, and created a
long-distance comparison service on the Web. Our staff has a background that fuses the technical
and the artistic, giving you the edge you need to achieve your Web site's goals.
Programming background
Our staff members have worked on projects as diverse as RAM disk management software,
voice-activated commands for Macintosh applications (EZ Speak, recipient of 3.5-mouse
review in MacUser), and backend CGI programming for an online catalog system and a comparison
shopping service.

Languages background
CGI in C and Perl; AppleScript; OneClick; Frontier; BASIC; VBScript; JavaScript; Java;
C++; HyperTalk/SuperTalk; Lingo.  Can learn new languages as appropriate for each job.

OS background
We're fluent in many OSs, including Macintosh, Windows, and many flavors of Unix for CGI

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Mac graphics, patches, tools, toys

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Predictions for Java (20 - February - 98)
Two directions. First, it'll be used for delivering content and data over networks --
everything from the Internet to NCs.  The second direction: a platform independent way to deploy
traditional applications -- although a much more robust user interface library is needed to make
Java apps work like native apps.  Perhaps Apple's Rhapsody will provide that API. Apps can
ship with native versions for Rhapsody supported processors for optimal performance, plus a Java
version so the app will run even on processors that don't exist at the app's release.  I think
Java will never become the languague of choice for major application developers; rather,
compilers for existing langauges will start to generate Java bytecode, so programmers can get
the benefits of portability without having to learn an all-new paradigm.

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