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Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

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Mailing Address : 532 Dawes Rd., Apt.# 308, Toronto, Ont. Canada M4B-3L2
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JDBC / RMI / Ecommerce Solutions
Net based ecommerce solutions, shopping carts/basket, 
order entry systems, development of web enabled 
software using Java.  API's pakages used,, java.rmi, java.sql, and java.awt of both 
JDK version 1.0 and 1.1.
Preferred projects
-Projects that has great emphasis on the utalization
of Java as their startegic solution.
- Ecommerce Solutions.
Platform of focus
Windows95, Windows NT
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Past projects
Development of internet based applications.  
Developed a product that's able to customize 
and configure a computer online via internet.  
Developed and packaged  a shopping basket, 
order entry, customer information entry, with 
shipping and payment method functionality 
for E-Commerce solution.  
I was involved in the design and development 
of an internet, Intranet based Contact 
Management System focusing on technology based 
company sales force.  
Programming background
Involved in the development of an 
accounting software package.  Resposible for the
development of the internal section of the project.
Internal section involves processing functionalities,
such as tracking of accounts payables and receivables,
reconciliations, trial balancing, and various calculation
and reporting capabilities

Languages background
4GL Database (MS Access) application development.  
Experience coding in Access Basic, VBA, and 
Entry level ANSI92 SQL coding.

Software-environment background
Sun's JDK 1.02, JDBC Extension for JDK 1.02, 
Symantec Visual Cafe Pro 1.0d, Symantec Visual
Cafe for Java 2.0, Visual Age for Java, dbANYWHERE 
Database Server (middleware) 1.0, MS Access '97,
HomesiteX 2.5, Visual Page, Netscape Composer, 
Frontpage Express tools for HTML coding.
OS background
Windows95, Windows NT, Netware 4.1 (NOS)

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Free downloads at my homepage

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Predictions for Java (16 - February - 98)
This year will be a great year for the arrival
of the JDK 1.2 and all the tools that will
incorporate its power.  Java is maturing quite
quickly.  But I think we will see greater impact
in the market with the next release 1.5 or 2.0.
But the most significant market in which Java
will pretty much be the key solution is not in
internet nor intranet nor extranet.  It It will
be in NC, personal and small devices.  BIG MONEY!

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