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Java (Sun Certified Java Programmer) / Object Oriented Development
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Intranet development
Object oriented design & development
Preferred projects
Embeded devices
Internet/Intranet development
Platform of focus
Java Virtual Machine
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Past projects
Development of a Java based banking administrative application.
   - JDK 1.1.x
   - Run in a browser
   - Use Oracle database (on an NT server)
   - Talk to a mainframe with SNA client

Development of a object oriented client-server application for used in the Healthcare business.
   - Delphi
   - CORBA
   - Windows NT client, DEC OSF server
   - Evaluation of time required to port to Java platform

Development of a physical access controller
   - Used in securing building
   - C++ & 80x86 assembler
Languages background
Java   - 2 years
C++    - 2 years
C      - 2 years
Delphi - 1-1/2 year

Software-environment background
Borland asm, Delphi, C/C++ compilers
Symantec Java compilers
Hardware background
Embeded x86
Embeded Motorola 68xxx  (3COM PalmPilot)

OS background
Java Virtual Machine
Windows NT/95

Miscellaneous technology background
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Predictions for Java (2 - February - 98)
Java is going to replace C & C++ in every kind of development.
From embeded to mission critical application running on super-computer.
It will offer great flexibilty for programmer to develop for any kind of systems.

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