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Los Angeles, CA

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626 284 3351
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java / jni / rmi
Design:  Object Oriented (Booch method)

Coding:  Java, C++, C, Assembler, MS-DOS internals

Data:  SQL, Oracle, Btrieve, DB2, SAS, Clipper, dBase, ISAM

GUI:  MS-Windows, MFC, ObjectWindows, Common View
OS:  Windows NT, MS-DOS, VM, MVS, DEC 10, RT-11 
Preferred projects
Java 1.1 and 1.02, Object Serialization, Java Native Methods (JNI), Remote Method Invocation, Products introduced Internet World and Networld InterOp. 
Platform of focus
NT, win 95, Unix
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Past projects
Peter Norton Computing, Price Waterhouse, Rockwell International, Southern California Gas, Martin Lawrence Limited Editions, House Ear Instittute, Southern California Edison, Hughes Aircraft, Xxcal, Datatape Inc., Netcom Systems
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