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245 East 87th Street
Suite 4B
New York, NY 10128

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212-517-1564 24 Hours a day
Office will beep for urgent calls.

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JDBC / Database Integration / Data Mining / Point of Sale(POS) / Statistical Analysis / Browser Capable Web Sites
Security / Signed Applets / Peripheral Awareness / Graphics/Plug-ins/User Interfaces / CGI-BIN / SQL / DBLIB / SYBASE / SQL SERVER / NT / Unix
Provides distinctive computer consulting services such as rapid development of interactive 
Internet/Intranet transactional database software, hardware homoligation and plug-in support,
database mining and statistical analysis software production services.

Web Design with an emphasis on human engineering, usefulness, 
browser awareness, and reduction of load time.  We support our up-to-date 
web development techniques with over 12 years of experience encompassing computer
hardware, database transaction software, communications software,
and processing knowledge. 
Preferred projects
Projects that enable and empower users with resourceful and independent capabiltiites.
Projects similar to those developed through past experience
in Merchant(POS), Financial, and  Legal applications.
Transactional Database applications and applets.
Controlling and monitoring server functions such as networked sensory systems.
Graphics and plug-in oriented Web Servers.
User Interfaces(GUIs) and ASCII Terminals.
Platform of focus
Operating System             Web Servers                               Databases                        
----------------   ---------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
WINDOWS NT         Netscape,Information               Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, CA Ingres
SUN SOLARIS        Netscape,Cern, NSCA                Sybase,Ingres
SCO UNIXWARE       "                         "        "                     "    
IRIX               "                         "        "                     "
BSDI               "                         "        "                     "
LINUX              "                         "        "                     "
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Past projects
Distinctly Digital Services has created transactional database capable web sites since httpd was 
written at NCSA. In fact we ported a version of "Mosaic",  the forerunner of Netscape's Browser.

We have serviced merchants, financial service companies, and legal firms.  In most cases we can 
use our existing software to produce efficient transactional database internet/intranet web 
site solutions that exceed our customer expectations.

Here are just a few examples of our work:

Created intranet application for financial planners that updates client and product information 
and produces a preferred list of products given selected client profile data.

Created internet java applet for banking software vendor. The applet when given parameters will 
produce customized programs and then download the software to registered customers for their use.

Created highly secure web based document and image database application for attorneys of law firm 
to allow them to update, add, search and report on important information to cases remotely.

We will soon be starting our own Information server site featuring several highly 
useful services in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 1998.
Programming background
Our staff has had programming experience in:
  Web Site software
  Applet/application software (Java Specific)
  Transactional Database software development
  Graphic applications for Point of Sale(POS) interactive video KIOSK applications
  Cash register software
  Data conversion
  ASYNC/BISYNC serial communications
  Networking software
  Firewall software
  Automated QA software
  Authoring software
  Text processing
  Help facilities Software
  Game software 
  Voice modulation software
  Device driver software
  Superimposer software for mixing text, graphics, and video clips
  CAD software applications
  Diagramming software

Languages background
Our staff has had programming experience in:
   Sybase DbLib
   Korn shell(ksh) including all Unix utilities
   Visual Basic
   MS-Access Basic
   Assembler (6502.80x86)

We also speak English, Russian and Hebrew

Software-environment background
Proprietary SQL software tools
proprietary data conversion tools
proprietary Reporting tools
Syamtec Visual Cafe
GNU Sofware
Unix Shell
Unix Text processing facilities
Microsoft Visual C/C++
Microsoft Access
Hardware background
PC - Personal Computers (Intel/AMD)
Sun Sparc Stations
Apple Machintoshs
SGI Workstations
VMS minicomputers

OS background
Windows NT/WIN95
Sco Unixware
Sco Unix
System 7/System seven (Client Side Only)

Miscellaneous technology background
Sound Blaster file creation 
Voice modulation/recognition
X-10 control devices
Card Readers 
Receipt Printer,
TEC cash registers, 
Hypercom and Telematics Network Gateways
Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Predictions for Java (20 - November - 97)
Java is going to become the platform and language of choice for most if not all
networking applications. It provides the right environment for security, basic uniformity and
usability across various hardware platforms.
It is our hope that Java will move from being the language of networked client-server
applications/applets to even broader roles in the future.
In order to accomplish this Java needs to become faster; though, Just in Time compiler speeds 
things up a bit, users keep demanding more speed and robustness, so Java chips should be 
produced for all existing hardware as accelerator firmware to make Java Classes excecute faster.

We further hope to see one standard emerge for Java under tightly controlled standards 
to avoid the kinds of problems we see between differnt Unix compatibilities under multiple 
vendor control today.

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