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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: 25 to 60

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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available for projects that need 40 hrs per week.
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240, Coffee board layout,
Karnataka - 560 080.

Best way to contact
through e-mail
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Javascript / ISAPI / Lotus Notes
Experience in conceptualization & product design - can understand projects better.
Experience in marketing - can understand client needs from a user point of view.
Sufficient depth in Windows NT - can develop mission critical applications like those need services, security etc.
Preferred projects
Networking rich, UI intensive, Close to operating system, internet and intranet related projects. Less need for client interaction and totally off-site projects.
Platform of focus
Windows NT & 95.
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Past projects
1996 May - 1996 October : Windows NT support team (a company that works for Microsoft & official phone support center for MS-India)
1996 October - 1997 February : Developed a network diagnosing tool (a team of four headed by me)
1997 October - 1997 January : Was a member of two member team that did corporate-wide rollout to MS Exchange from MS Mail.
1997 January - 1997 June : Member of a product team that develops a Lotus Notes based help desk product.
1997 June - now : techno-marketing for the said products.
Other than above : 
Official escalation for NT support team
Developed small apps in VB, VC & Lotus Notes for marketing purposes
Programming background
Product conceptualization and specification (4 man months experience) : for a notes based product, networking tool in VC, small utilities in VB, VC & VB
Development (16 man months official experience) : VB, VC & Notes

Languages background
Lotus Notes - scripting and formulas
PERL (very little)

Software-environment background
Developer Studio for VC & VB
Java developer kit
Paint Shop Pro
IE3.0 & Netscape 3.0 Gold
Lotus Domino
Hardware background
Networking - routers and NIC cards

OS background
Both NT & 95:
UI design - VB
Networking - Sockets
Tray Icon managing, shell extensions, etc.

Windows NT specific : 

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Windows NT 4.0 ( + IIS), 95
Microsoft Developer studio
Microsoft Visual basic
Lotus Domino
IE 4, Netscape communicator
Paint shop pro


Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium 90 MHz, 1 GB, 32 MB - 2 machines
Going for one more in next month

Tools available - NET
From office - 64 Kbps (not used for personal purpose very much)
Outside - paid usage per hour- 14.4 Kbps

Planning to get connection at home in three months.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Very soon

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (18 - November - 97)
Java is a easy to use cross platform technology. Though it is technically sound, the future depends on how much developers work together to bring great applications. Being used mostly for web applications, lots of developers and companies should come forward to use java. if it happens java will be another C++ in backend and another VB in front end. Otherwise... will become another Fortran or Pascal like language which soon will become rarely used one.

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