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amsterdam, the netherlands

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OO design / enterprise java / CORBA
telecom / intranet / multimedia
Last 10 years: object technology (within AT&T/Lucent)
Specialized in particular on architecture/design
(UML, Design Patterns, CRC cards) and C++/Java.
Application domains: telco (network mgt, ATM,
multimedia middleware), internet. Now doing
100% Java.

Java as a platform for distributed objects is one
of my main interests. Specialized in CORBA and RMI.

Knowledge transfer: given several Java/CORBA courses
for Valtech Europe (
Preferred projects
those which involve distributed Java:
next generation internet, multimedia, 
Platform of focus
win95/NT (and offcourse the Java Platform)
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Past projects
1985-1997 AT&T/Lucent Bell Labs, The Netherlands
          (sw dev. for 5ESS switch, ISDN, TMN, ATM)
1997 Objective Alliance, Amsterdam, Netherlands
     consultancy, training, development with C++, Java
1997+ Just Objects, Amsterdam, my own firm.
same activities
Programming background
many large-scale projects with AT&T/Lucent

Languages background
C, C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, UNIX shell, CORBA

Software-environment background
Microsoft studios (VC++, Java), Symantic Cafe,
Iona Orbix/Orbixweb, ObjectStore (ODBMS), ILOG,
OS background
SunOS/Solaris, Win95/NT

Miscellaneous technology background
telecom technologies: ISDN, ATM, TMN
datacom: OSI protocols
Tools available - SOFTWARE
JDK (obvious), BDK, JFC, Visual Cafe, 
CORBA ORBs, Netobjects Fusion

Tools available - NET
too many to mention
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Predictions for Java (12 - November - 97)
From the front-end to the back-end, i.e. from
funny applets to serious server side apps.
The final distribution framework (CORBA, RMI,
COM+) remains to be seen. My hope is for 

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