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Calgary Alberta Canada

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Asynchronous controls / Double buffered Graphics / C Language
Java Language / 68k Assembly / Internet Development
Graphics, multiTasking, asynchronous 
Communications, Unix Systems programming,
C language,assembly language, Hardware-software
integration, double bufferd IO/Drivers.
Protocol incorporation, IE: JPeg.TCP/UDP etc.
  Java Development and interface class creation.
HTML JavaScript CGI Programming (In C)

Optmization and improving of existing code.
Preferred projects
Commercial Package Development for mass consumer
or specialty markets. Somthing with on going
Platform of focus
W95, but I write only PURE Java so Platform
is not a factor.
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Past projects
Self employed have worked for various clients.
Programming background
Was partners in one of the first MultiLine
BBS's in western Canada in 1986. This was written
in basic, asn later C. This involved alot
of ground breaking software coding.
  Wrote TechnoLog. A Package to sample and 
plot OilWell data and print out charts.
This was ongoing from 1993 to June 1997.
It was written in 68k Assembly with some
optomized 'C'. July-Aug Wrote the header portion
of a Jpeg encoder. Sept-Current. Woking on
Gfx.class This is a rewrite of some Java Components
into a double bufferd and efficient model.
  This is ongoing and will serve as the core
of my API for some time to come.

Languages background
C Language KR and ANSI.  11 years Experience!
68k Assembly and some hc11 assembly.

Software-environment background
MicroSoft VC++
Borland C++
Manx C
JDK1.1.4 (including it's utilities ie: JavaDoc)
Symantec cafe lite.
Corel PhotoPaint
MS Access, Word,WordpadMS
MSDOS Edit; the DOS interface.
NetScape Communicator 4.03
HotJava Browser
Hardware background
Have spent the last few years working
with Engineers interfacing GUIs with various
hardware, EI: LCD displays, KeyPads, Sonic
sensors, serial stream capture devices.

OS background
Windows 95

Miscellaneous technology background
Have used sound, camera, and full multimedia
hardware/software since 86. Amiga/Mac invented
  currently I am focusing on Internet DataBase
and communications links. Under the Communicator
4.03 Security model.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Corel PhotoPaint
Adobe PhotoShop
MS Paint
UNIX cc, and interface including low
level systems tools.
beav binary editor.
SOX sound conversion
Wordpad ASCII Editor

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium 133 32 Megs of Ram.
SoundBlaster 16 Bit.
ATI Mach 64 Video card
Panasonic Camera with 3 color filter wheel.
DigiView digitizer.
URS 28.8 Sportster
Perfect Sound Digitizer.
3 A2000 68k and 1 A4000 680040 computers
With full MSDos File system mounted.

Tools available - NET
Internet Engineering Task force,
PPP working group and RFC Library.

Sun's Java Developer's Connection

MicroSoft Developer's NetWork.

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Trail Basis
negotiable depends on implementaion.

URL for more info http://

Predictions for Java (9 - November - 97)
  Java, despite what I see are the efforts of
some to adulterate and control it, is going
to become the dominant interface for NetWork
and Machine control.  The write once and run
anywhere concept is simply  too powerful and 
long sought after an ideal to simply go away.

  I see a Java operating system on the horizon
I thin Java will become an integral part of
the OS like it is already with OS2.

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