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very busy until end of 1997 - then approx. 30%
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Lausanne, Switzerland

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Object-oriented design / Class libraries / Server-side java
C++ expert
Architecture of OO systems and class libraries.
Implementation of class libraries.
Java-driven Web servers.
Teaching and mentoring (C++ and Java).
Multimedia kiosks.
Preferred projects
-Java servers using servlets
-TCP/IP based programs
-Domain-specific class libraries
-Technical assistance to less experienced programmers
Platform of focus
Windows NT and Unix
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Past projects
Independent consultant since 1989, working for
large private companies and a major Swiss
government agency.
Current activities: mostly system and class
libraries design and on-demand assistance 
to C++ and Java programmers.
Worked in Switzerland, Germany and France.
Mostly telecommuting.
Programming background
Recent projects include:
-JDBC driver for legacy database
-Java servlet-based web site
-Java front end for a web search engine
-Large C++ data acquisition and display system
-C++ communications software
-Multimedia kiosk using Windows 95 and HTML

Languages background
C++ expert (since 1990) - portable software
Server-side Java since 1997
Visual Basic (occasional)
unix shell scripts, awk, Tcl/Tk
Assembler and embedded systems
Clipper,dBase and Pascal (a long time ago...)

Software-environment background
Various Windows and Unix C++ compilers and tools
Visual Basic
XVT - portable GUI toolkit
unix shell
Embedded DOS compilers + debuggers
Hardware background
microcontrollers board design (8051,Z80)

OS background
unix: SCO, AIX
Windows 3.1-95-NT
MS-DOS for embedded systems

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Visual J++
Sun JDK tools
Visual C++
Borland C++
unix C++ compilers
Java Web Server
Microsoft IIS + Index Server

Tools available - HARDWARE
PCs with SCO unix and Windows NT
IBM RS/6000

Tools available - NET
Search engines, news services, mail, whatever
top )
Predictions for Java (30 - October - 97)
I think Java is the best way of writing
active web servers right now, and that active
web servers are the way to go for many applications.

I believe very much in Java thin clients for
many computer users, but not all. Office suites
written in Java will play an important role in
enterprise computing, but will take some time
to mature.

The best thing about Java is that you can use
the same language to do very different things,
from embedded systems to large-scale network

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